Sword And Shield’s Mystery Glitched Pokémon Will Be Revealed Tomorrow

Pokémon Sword And Shield

Pokémon Sword and Shield fans keeping a close eye on the Switch games’ official website last week will have undoubtedly spotted something amiss. Presented in the form of a strange glitch on the site’s front page, those that clicked on the mysterious artefact were then presented with a brand new Pokédex entry but with a twist. Rather than immediately identify the latest ‘Mon to be found in the Galar region, Game Freak has decided to play coy with its fanbase this time around.

Accompanying an obscured image of the Pokémon in question is the usual flavor text and bio, though with several words removed as to make guessing its real identity nigh on impossible. As far as confirmed information goes, we know that the Generation 8 newcomer is a pure Fighting-type and that it weighs an eye-watering 257.9 lbs, but little else besides. Fortunately, however, that guessing game is scheduled to reach its end tomorrow. Per a teaser image posted to the official Pokémon Twitter, Game Freak is aware of the fabricated “technical issue” and plans to have the issue “resolved shortly.”

The exact date and time that Pokéfans should tune-in for a reveal aren’t specified above, though as per Serebii’s translation of the Japanese announcement, all will be revealed tomorrow, September 18th. We look forward to learning more in less than 24 hours, then, though some fans believe they’ve already sussed out which Pokémon it is that’s hiding in plain view.

Thanks to a series of increasingly accurate leaks discovered earlier this year, the clear frontrunner is either an evolved or Galarian form of Generation 1 classic, Farfetch’d. Supposedly, this new iteration of the vegetable-wielding bird will be called Sirfetch’d and have a medieval knight theme to go along with Galar’s obvious UK inspiration.

Believable? Absolutely. Confirmed? Not in the slightest. Make sure to check back with us tomorrow for the full scoop on Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s new arrival.