Take A Peak At Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal’s Four New Maps


EA and Visceral have released a new trailer offering a sneak peak at the four multiplayer maps heading our way when Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal launches. Each are said to be inspired by “classic settings,” and are expected to arrive for Premium players as early as next month.

The four new maps will be named Alcatraz, Chinatown, Thin Ice and Cemetery, and each one will take gamers to a challenging and varied niche. Alcatraz is all grubby corridors and compressed spaces, while Chinatown appears to be made up of thin alleyways and neon-lit streets.

Thin Ice and Cemetery both seem a little more open, however, which gives them both the impression of being a tad larger. Thin Ice puts players into a snow-covered forest plain with fallen trees and even a crashed aircraft for cover and hiding spots. Cemetery – unsurprisingly – will have you battling it out amongst the tombstones and chapel halls in the midst of a graveyard.

Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal is scheduled to be released sometime in March – though no concrete date has been given – and it’s said that Premium players will get the content a full two weeks ahead of the general release.

Source: EA

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