Take A Tour Of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s City Of Glass In Latest Trailer


A new video showcasing the strengths of the setting and story in DICE’s upcoming Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been published, revealing a detailed look at the game’s City of Glass.

There isn’t a huge amount in the way of new information in this latest look at Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, but there’s certainly plenty to get excited about. It’s confirmed that the game takes place after the events of a prequel comic leave Faith in prison. Being released two years later, it becomes clear that much has changed in the City of Glass.

And it’s here that the new footage really takes off. Much has already been said about how the developers wanted to make Mirror’s Edge Catalyst a much more free-flowing and open experience than its predecessor, and it’s obvious how important the city development has been to this. Different areas of the city will have different looks and present different challenges; the older areas are more “classic” Mirror’s Edge while the newer areas have a cleaner and glossier appeal.

The addition of this pure facade is a desire of the ruling authority in the game – those who’ll stand as the major antagonists in the narrative. Check out the new footage at the top of the page, and keep an eye out for the way the city looks at night; the new day-night cycle for looks simply gorgeous!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be available from May 24th.