Tales Of Graces F Hitting North America In March

Since its release on the Wii in Japan in 2009, Tales of Graces has long been begged by American gamers for a release. The good news is we’re getting one. The bad news is Wii owners are out of luck.

Tales of Graces F is hitting the PS3 on March 13. As with any re-release of a Tales game, Tales of Graces F features additional content that the original version did not have, including extra costumes and unlockables, as well as an additional epilogue.

As much into JRPGs as I am, I’ve never played any of the Tales games. But as a gamer that literally stood outside my front door and cheered when I heard Xenoblade was confirmed for North America, I can definitely understand why this is such a big deal for thousands of gamers.

What say you, gamers? Have you marked your calendars?