Team Fortress 2 Reignited With ‘Pyromania’ Update

Unlike the character that is soon to be honoured, the upcoming release of Valve‘s long-awaited ‘Meet the Pyro’ video is not going to occur amidst mere mumbling. Team Fortress 2 has a constant stream of content but, the majority of the time, it comes in the form of hats. However, a few non-hatted additions to the game will be progressively rolled out over the next three days, and they have been deemed the ‘Pyromania’ update.

Today saw the launch of Doomsday, a new map and corresponding game mode in which one team must try to deliver a nuke containing suitcase to an awaiting rocket whilst the other team do their best to stop them. This update also brings with it enough new achievements to inflame any competionist to the point of  ire.

Over the next two days, more mystery updates will be unveiled. So don your rubber, flame-retardant suits and get ready for the final ‘Meet The Team’ video this Wednesday – it’s been gathering anticipatory heat for a fair few years.

Source: Team Fortress 2 Blog