Team Fortress 2’s Mann Vs. Machine Update Is Live

We talked about it just a few days ago but now the Mann vs. Machine update for Team Fortress 2 has gone live. You and five of your closest friends can take on hordes of robots trying to bomb the ever-loving hell out of Mann-Co headquarters.

I just finished up my first round of Mann vs. Machine with a few random people on Steam, and I have to say it’s one of the more intense horde modes I’ve ever played. The enemies are capable of destroying you right off the bat and there’s almost no chance of you getting through this without failing horribly at least once.

The free update is live now, but it seems that just about everyone on Steam is trying to give the mode a shot and wait times can be upwards of 40 minutes.

My suggestion, join the queue and make yourself a stiff drink. You may need it after a giant scout sneaks past you with the bomb for the millionth time.

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