Team Meat Introduces Mew-Genics’ Fourth Character, Tracy

This past weekend Team Meat revealed Tracy as the latest character in their upcoming “game about cats… kinda,” Mew-Genics.

Tracy is the fourth announced character in the Mew-Genics‘ cast (joining Frank, Mr. Tinkles and Dr. Beanies). As is the norm for Team Meat’s character announcements, we are told very little about her other than “She likes cats… but isn’t a big fan of you”. Outside of that short description, we can say that she appears to be slightly angry and is extremely proud of her gender (as evidenced by the female gender pin on her scrubs).

Team Meat has one more Mew-Genics character reveal scheduled for next week, and then they should be set to announce some actual details about this strange little game. The most important being what exactly it is that we are reporting about, followed closely by when it is being released, on what platforms, and for how much.

As soon as we have answers to any of those questions we will let you know.

Source: Team Meat