Team Ninja’s Nioh Has Gone Gold Ahead Of February Release


Team Ninja’s Nioh has gone gold ahead of its release in February. publisher Koei Tecmo has announced. Often likened to From Software’s Dark Souls series, Nioh follows a fictionalized retelling of real-life Western Samurai William Adams’ adventures in Japan, complete with the sorts of embellishments you might expect, i.e. hulking demons and magical abilities.

If you’re looking for some more gameplay details before you commit to a purchase of the PlayStation 4 exclusive, Koei Tecmo (via Gematsu) has detailed a live stream to be held on January 20 at 10 pm JST/8 am EST, which will go over existing elements of the title as well as reveal new details. The stream in its entirety will be available to watch on YouTube.

Originally starting life back in 2004, Nioh has gone through multiple revisions and changing-of-hands over the years, which eventually led to the project being given to Team Ninja. A series of alpha and beta demos for the game were made available last year on the PlayStation Store, giving fans a work in progress look at the core combat and loot systems planned for the final version. As per today’s PlayStation blog post, William will have over 50 types of magic and Ninjutsu skills at his disposal in order to fight his enemies, which will likely complement the stance-based melee combat on offer.

Nioh is out for PlayStation 4 on February 7 in North America and February 8 in Europe. If you haven’t already done so, give the trailer released at last year’s Tokyo Game Show a watch, it’s full to the brim with spectacle-laden set pieces.