Techland Teases Its Mad Riders Launch Trailer With A Creative How To Video

Launch trailers are much more than just visual public service announcements that remind the gaming community of a game’s in-store or downloadable availability. In fact, they play a large role in publishers’ final advertising-based pushes for each one of their new releases. As a result, a lot of thought is put into creating the perfect montage, which will hopefully generate an abundance of extra sales. So much so that Techland believes a semester-long class could be taught based on the advertisements’ in-depth creation process.

With its latest thrill-seeking release, Mad Riders, about to be released onto PC, Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network, the Polish developer’s employees have decided to become professors. Attempting to teach us the perfect formula for creating launch trailers, they’ve released a trailer for a trailer. Yes, you read that correctly. The trailer you will find below is not the game’s launch trailer. Instead, it’s a trailer promoting said final trailer, promising over-the-top framerate performance and incredibly high definition visuals.

According to Techland; “If you like games, and you like races, you’ll like Mad Riders.”

Mad Riders will be released this Wednesday, May 30.

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