Technomancer Screens Explore The Free City Of Noctis; Cyberpunk RPG Slated For E3 Reveal

Spiders, the creative minds behind last year’s Bound by Flame, has today unveiled a trio of new screenshots for its cyberpunk RPG, Technomancer.

Part Borderlands, part Mad Max, the new IP will whisk players into a post-apocalyptic world situated on the red planet. These new images showcase the titular rogue warrior and his small group of allies land on the doorstep of Noctis, one of “the last strongholds of civilization on Mars.” A free city, its parameters protect its denizens from the harsh, sun-scorched environments, wherein bandits and alien creatures run rampant.

That doesn’t mean Noctis is without problems of its own, with the studio hinting at some of the hidden dangers lurking beneath the metropolis’ somewhat welcoming exterior. Here’s a play-by-play rundown of some of the features to be bundled in in Technomancer‘s final build.

  • A unique and thrilling science-fiction RPG experience set on the Red Planet.
  • Bond with numerous unique and interesting companions and reveal secrets about their past.
  • Manage their inventory and level up your companions.
  • Up to five different endings for many quests changing the conclusions and rewards – even the people you’ll meet and journey with!
  • A dynamic crafting system that changes the visual appearance of weapon and armor.
  • Play as a Technomancer – a combat proficient warrior with use of cybernetically enhanced magical abilities

Expect more information pertaining to Technomancer to be revealed at E3 in June, before the development team at Spiders gear up for the game’s release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC at some point in 2016.