Ted Price Announces Sunset Overdrive For Xbox One


At today’s Microsoft E3 2013 press conference, Ted Price of Insomniac Games appeared on stage to announce Sunset Overdrive. With a neat, cartoon-y art style, and a vibrant, colourful world, the upcoming title has certainly caught our eye. A quick but enticing trailer was shown, giving us the briefest of glimpses at what Insomniac’s upcoming game will offer.

The stylized open world shooter will be an Xbox One exclusive and according to Price, the weapons and challenges will be updated “constantly” through Xbox One’s cloud. Sounds pretty cool to us.

In the trailer, which can be viewed below, we see a man parkouring through an urban envrionment that seems to be overrun with zombies. Using some neat weapons, like a gun that runs on energy drinks, the unnamed protagonist takes on the undead horde in what looks like some insanely fun gameplay. It reminds me a bit of Mirror’s Edge actually, only with a bit more energy and wackiness.

Check out the trailer for Sunset Overdrive below: