Telltale Sheds Light On Licence Aquisition


From Monkey Island and Sam and Max all the way through to Back to the Future and Jurassic Park, Telltale makes quality adventure games – but where do they get their ideas from? And once they know who they’d like to make a game with, how do they proceed from there?

From Gamerzines:

“We’re always looking for the licenses that make sense and ones that we really want to do,” explained (Alan Johnson), PR & social media manager.

“Like some of the stuff we’re looking at right now includes TV shows, comic books, movies; they’re all fair game to Telltale. Basically if it has a fun and good story to tell, Telltale would be ready to make a game around it.”

Given that I can’t think of a single Telltale game I’ve not enjoyed, the more they release, the better.

Your thoughts?

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