Telltale Reveals The First Details And Trailer For The Walking Dead: Season Two

the walking dead season two (6)

Telltale Games has released the first details, screenshots, and trailer for The Walking Dead: Season Two, the highly anticipated sequel to their critically acclaimed 2012 adventure game.

Taking place “many months” after the events in the first season of The Walking Dead episodes, the sequel has players take control of the twice orphaned Clementine as she struggles to “outwit both the dead and the living.” Similar to its 2012 predecessor, Telltale promises that The Walking Dead: Season Two will “test your morals and shape the flow of the story through your decisions and actions,” as Clementine must “find safety and survive in a world where no one can be trusted.”

Launching sometime “later this year” and ending in 2014, The Walking Dead: Season Two will consist of a total of five digital download episodes that will be released for the PC/Mac (via Steam and Telltale’s online store), home consoles, iOS, and unnamed “additional platforms.” Pre-orders for the PC/Mac version are currently on sale, and you can save 10% off the regular season pass price by purchasing it now.

Before you go running off to save a few bucks, that deal is only recommend for those who played the first season on PC or Mac. The save file from last year’s game will carry over to The Walking Dead: Season Two, along with the decisions made in the 400 Days DLC, so it is probably best to continue the adventure on the same platform you started it on.

For those of you who have not yet experience Telltale’s The Walking Dead (and shame on you by the way), the studio also announced that a special “Game of the Year” edition will be released this November for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The bundle will retail for $29.99 and includes the following; all five episodes from the first season, the 400 Days DLC, access to the game’s soundtrack, and an exclusive behind the scenes video.

We will let you know as soon as Telltale narrows down the release window for The Walking Dead: Season Two, in the meantime check out the first trailer and screenshots for the upcoming episodes in the gallery below.