Telltale Reveals The Walking Dead Season Two Teaser Image

the walking dead season two teaser

Telltale Games posted the first teaser image for The Walking Dead Season Two on their Facebook page last night, with a friendly reminder to fans to “keep that hair short.”

The actual picture does not reveal too much about what we can expect out of the next season of The Walking Dead adventure game, although the sight of two zombies stumbling towards Clementine’s blood stained hat is more than a little unsettling.

At any rate, it looks like Telltale will make good on their promise to reveal the first details about the upcoming episodes this month, as the teaser image has the date “10/29/13 Noon Pacific / 3PM Eastern” written on it. Currently, all we know about the new season is that Clementine will “definitely be a part of” it, Kenny’s fate will be “explored,” and some of the choices from The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC will be included.

We will keep an eye out for Telltale Games’ official debut of The Walking Dead Season Two tomorrow, and let you know as soon as anything is revealed.