Telltale’s Fourth And Final Season Of The Walking Dead Announced For 2018 Release


Telltale Games struck gold back in 2012 when it launched the first season of its The Walking Dead episodic series, a critically acclaimed, story focused affair that served as a launching platform for other, similarly structured series’ like The Wolf Among Us and, more recently, Guardians of the Galaxy. Two further additions to the spinoff story have been released in the years since then, but now, it looks like the pain-stricken adventures of Clementine are to reach their end next year.

Announced via a new video (above) on the developer’s YouTube channel, Telltale currently has the bookend to its flagship series penciled in for a 2018 launch, presumably – as previous seasons have in the past – beginning with one episode and then continuing to release an additional one roughly once a month until the end of its run.

Along with the above, Telltale also confirms that Clementine will return once again as the main protagonist, though whether she’ll be sharing the spotlight with another – as she did with Javier in Season Three – remains to be seen. Given its billing as the definitive end to the series, though, it’s only fair to assume that the studio will take the opportunity to give Clem a fitting sendoff. We can only hope the poor girl gets a happy one too, but in a world as grim as The Walking Dead‘s, such dreams are likely futile.

For now, that’s all we have to go on, but with the San Diego Comic-Con coming up later this week, there’s every chance Telltale will have more to share there. If we’re lucky, that might even entail a trailer. Stay tuned!

Source: IGN

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