Tequila Works: Rime Still In Development, May No Longer Be A PS4 Exclusive


Amid reports of a purported fallout with Sony, which seemingly led the developer to acquire rights to the lush adventure game, Tequila Works has allayed fears that Rime has been canned.

That prolonged development is something a studio spokesperson acknowledges during an interview with IBTimes, revealing that it’s “advancing at a great pace.”

“Rime is of course still in development, and advancing at a great pace – we actually had to move to a larger office recently, since the team has grown about 40% in the last year! We know it has been a long time with no news, and we are just as eager to communicate about the game as media and fans are to receive news.”

Unveiled as a PS4 exclusive all the way back at Gamescom 2013, Tequila Works also hinted that Rime could now become a multi-platform title in light of Sony pulling the plug. According to reports, that stemmed from an internal clash between the Japanese giant and Studio Head Raul Rubio, sparking claims that the studio’s Deadlight follow-up was little more than vaporware.

Alas, though there’s still no mention of a release timeline, Rime remains in development over at Tequila Works. Firm details remain few and far between, but it seems a safe bet that the cel-shaded adventure game will go multi-platform in time for its long-anticipated launch.

Source: IBTimes