6 Video Game Remakes And Remasters That Are Better Than The Originals

Remakes, remasters, re-releases and reboots: when it comes to revisiting the highs (and, all too often) lows of the past, self-restraint is a quality that’s in short supply. But then, it’s hardly surprising – nostalgia is, after all, one hell of a drug, and it seems that the majority of us are hopelessly addicted to it, whether we like it or not. At this point, we’ve all been indoctrinated by Hollywood’s unrelenting drive toward abusing that weakness – the result, more often than not, spectacularly missing its mark – but it’s certainly not the only offender.

As film’s sister industry matures and ages, so too, does its consumers, so it’s only natural that prescriptions for rose-tinted glasses rise in tandem. Just like cinema, there’s video game revivals that exist for no other reason than to squeeze any potential remaining value from the lifeless corpse of a dead series, but on the whole, such lazy attempts at modernizing a beloved property are a scarcity.

There’s no all-encompassing explanation for why they get made – each varies by case – but whatever the reason, all of the resurrections you’ll find here prove that remake doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Far from it. When given the care and attention they deserve, remakes of critically-acclaimed games such as these can end up being better than the original…