Tetris: Axis Brings Gravity-Based Block Puzzles To 3DS

Falling blocks can now be stacked using the power of three-dimensional viewing.

Tetris: Axis is now available for the Nintendo 3DS, bringing with it augmented reality modes, 20 unique play modes and a variety of multiplayer options.

For nearly three decades, players around the globe have enjoyed the boundless fun and strategic thrills of the Tetris® game. Now Nintendo is taking the iconic puzzle game to extraordinary new heights with Tetris®: Axis, available exclusively for the hand-held Nintendo 3DS™ system at a suggested retail price of $29.99. With mind-expanding augmented-reality modes, more than 20 unique modes of play and a variety of multiplayer options, the game offers something new for everyone, whether you’re a Tetris veteran or just getting your first taste of this unique franchise.

Tetris: Axis combines traditional elements from the original Tetris game with new twists and features that showcase the unique capabilities of the portable Nintendo 3DS. The main goal is to maneuver and arrange falling blocks called Tetriminos to clear lines and boost your score. With two new augmented-reality modes in Tetris: Axis, the iconic puzzle action moves beyond the screen as players use AR Cards (included with the Nintendo 3DS system) to view game play in their own real-world environments. Other new modes include Fever, in which players must clear lines and activate special items in speedy 60-second rounds. Nintendo 3DS owners with wireless broadband Internet access can download new items for Fever mode via the system’s built-in SpotPass™ feature.

“People all over the world have experienced the fun of the Tetris game, but they’ve never seen it quite like this,” said Ron Bertram, Nintendo of Canada’s vice-president and general manager. “The augmented-reality modes and 3D visuals in Tetris: Axis add some wonderfully immersive twists that are unique to this version of the Tetris game.”

Tetris: Axis also offers nine party modes, including three that are new to the Tetris franchise. Local wireless modes allow up to eight players to enjoy Tetris: Axis simultaneously using only one Game Card (each player must have his or her own Nintendo 3DS system). By using Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection to compete with friends over broadband Internet, as many as eight players can dive into the action.

For more information about Tetris: Axis, visit http://tetrisaxis.nintendo.com.

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