Check Out Final Fantasy XV’s Stunning New Trailer


Hype is a dangerous beast when it comes to AAA video games, but after viewing the latest Final Fantasy XV trailer, I can already feel myself throwing all caution to the wind. Maybe it’s because of Square Enix’s tendency to overshoot their end results a bit, or the fact that I simply want Final Fantasy games to look and play like the CGI movies from the mid-2000s. Either way, the company has just dropped a new trailer for its upcoming RPG Final Fantasy XV, and if you have eyes or a pulse, it’s tough not to be impressed.

The new video features a group of characters (one of whom appears to be Noctis Caelum, the central protagonist) driving down the road in a convertible. Before long, they encounter a creature of colossal proportion, and from there the trailer begins. Thankfully, there are a wealth of new visual treats on display, from green pastures to vistas straight out of science fiction — you’d be best served just watching for yourself.

What strikes me as particularly interesting about the trailer is the freedom that it appears to grant the player. Characters are shown stopping their car and getting out to fight or explore periodically; will Final Fantasy XV finally drop the linearity that has persisted across the last few entries? We already know it’s open-world thanks to info from last year’s show, but persistent freedom even during missions and objectives would be an awesome feature indeed.

As with most things Final Fantasy, you’re going to have to like the aesthetic to enjoy the game, and between the affecting music and the lush and vibrant visuals shown in today’s trailer, I’m feeling about as excited as ever. Of course, there’s still no release date, but you should be able to grab a demo sooner rather than later.