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The 10 Best Horror Board Games

These board games are the best in creepy crawly tabletop fun!

Who doesn’t love a good scare? Even in the world of board games, there are plenty of amazing titles out there that explore the creepy crawlies that hide in the dead of night — or worse.

For players with a penchant for horror who want good games to hit the table, here are some of the best ones currently available that are sure to be a hit!


Horrified is one of the most recently released games on this list and was nominated for several awards in 2019. The game has up to five players working together to take down, help, or heal several classic movie monsters in a town at once. From the Wolfman to Dracula, there are many different challenges to get through. It’s a perfect co-op game that’s easy for younger players to learn.

Cthulu: Death May Die

Another 2019 that was nominated for awards but just missed out, Cthulu: Death May Die has players as investigators in the 1920s trying to stop the rise of the Elder Gods. It’s a theme common in the horror game genre, but the major difference here is the playable scenarios. They don’t have to be done in order, but each is ultimately a unique gaming experience.

Chaos In The Old World

Most games require at least two players, but Chaos in the Old World requires a minimum of three making it odd and unique. Players are literally gods with unique follows trying to manage one of three win conditions that can allow them to corrupt and control the old world. Most horror games make players be the good guys, so this one is a special experience.

Dead Of Winter: A Crossroads Game

Zombies are a well-worn genre in the world of horror, but Dead of Winter takes them and adds a twist. In this co-op game, players not only have to survive but may have a traitor in their midst. Combine these with special crossroads cards that can reveal the story of the world making each game wholly unique.

Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game

Who isn’t a huge fan of the Alien movies? Legendary Encounters has elements from all four of them as the players try to survive the titular creatures from the series. Players even play as Ripley, Corporal Hicks, and others so it truly feels like an experience straight from the movies. It was also nominated for five separate awards in 2014 and can even be played solo.

Eldritch Horror

Eldritch Horror is by far one of the most iconic and famous cooperative board games of all time and is a staple of the horror genre. The game is simple, with players trying to stop horrible eldritch horrors from taking over the world. The game has marvelous elements of randomness making it so that even when players are fighting the same unknowable creature, the experience can be entirely different.

Kingdom Death: Monster

Playable either solo or cooperatively with up to four players, Kingdom Death: Monster managed to be nominated for five separate awards in 2015-2016. The game features a unique monster AI that makes each monster encounter a bit different. It’s worth encountering all 40+ story events just to learn a bit more about the lore of the world.

Mansions Of Madness

Most would say the second edition of Mansions of Madness is the best, but any players who can get their hands on the original printing of the game are still in for a treat. The game requires an app to play which helps guide players through this unique horror experience. Nominated for nine awards, players will enjoy going through the four different scenarios to learn what lies within the mansions of Arkham.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game

While the board game version of Arkham Horror is also a horror board game classic, the card game brought the series to a whole new level! The game features a campaign for players to go through so players can slowly build up their characters and skills as they try to take down cultists and other fowl horrors. It’s best to pull this game out with a regular gaming group who will show up each week.


Not only nominated for but also the winner of a multitude of awards, Nemesis is one of the best survival horror board games ever created. The game is full of almost cinematic moments as each player tries to complete the two objectives they are presented without dying to a hoard of incoming aliens. The game is also semi-cooperative, meaning that alliances and paranoia reign supreme throughout gameplay.

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