The 5 Best New IPs In Gaming This Year (So Far)

1) Firewatch

firewatch 02-w800-h600

Perhaps the most deceptive descriptor in video games is the word ‘mature,’ but Firewatch is exactly that. This game’s content is neither graphically violent nor sexual, but the way it delves into its themes of loneliness, love and loss is unequivocally adult. Set in the forests of Wyoming in 1989, Firewatch casts players as Henry, a man who has fled from his complicated life and taken up the job of a fire lookout. His only companion throughout his story is his supervisor, Delilah, who communicates with him entirely through a walkie-talkie.

While there is a mystery at the heart of Firewatch, it’s the back and forth between these two expertly acted lead characters that’s the driving force behind the game. At various points in the story, dialogue options are displayed on screen, giving players an opportunity to play Henry in the way they prefer. There are so many things that can be interacted with, which will queue Delilah to provide the player with supplemental information that’s both interesting and entertaining. As the story progresses and the two become more comfortable with each other, it’s their relationship that keeps things engaging right up until the climax.


The game is not without its flaws, however. It’s undoubtedly pretty, but the world is surprisingly empty of wildlife. Whether you believe that serves the story better by enhancing the feelings of isolation is a matter of interpretation, but you would be justified in saying it broke some of the immersion for you.

Ultimately, the climax is a bit disappointing, and at around 5-6 hours of gameplay, it’s an all too brief experience. But if you’re the kind of gamer who prefers a well written, story driven game, there are few titles out there with as much to offer as Firewatch.