The Amazing Spider-Man Will Feature Full Comic Book Issues

Has there ever been a Spider-Man comic you’ve dreamed of owning, but could never find? Well, if so, then say no more! The upcoming video game release of The Amazing Spider-Man holds a lot more than Spidey slinging from building to building.

For the first time ever you will be able to get your hands on full comic book issues in The Amazing Spider-Man video game. How it works is, while players are swinging through the game’s stunning rendition of New York, they will come across comic book pages. Those who take the time to pick those loose pages up, will end up gaining access to classic issues from the popular superhero’s comic book library.

“So for example Amazing Fantasy number 15, the first appearance of Spidey is in there. And we’ve implemented a comic book reader, but not in a cheap way; it’s actually a very cool comic book reader that fits your TV, and you can move from one pane to the next really well.” Beenox studio head Dee Brown told AusGamers.

If you think that collecting comic book issues is the only side mission that will get you pumped up for this summer release, then you can bring your hopes up even higher. Along with the free-roaming experience that is handed to you, Manhattan actually grows as you move along in the story.

“Obviously more side-missions unlock as you move on in the story, but we’re giving you some unique stuff like an apartment that you can visit if you want to. We’re giving you a camera so you can take photos of stuff and there are missions that involve your camera, such as uncovering a conspiracy with a reporter. But you can also take photos of whatever you want and store them in your digital album.”

The Amazing Spider-Man is due for release on June 26. It will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, 3DS and PC.

Thanks to AusGamers for the tip.