The Assignment DLC For The Evil Within Drops Early 2015


the evil within

For everything I loved about Shinji Mikami’s love letter to survival-horror The Evil Within, the story wasn’t particularly memorable, thought-provoking or even necessarily coherent. Hoping to make up for the dearth of plot, Tango Gameworks will be releasing DLC titled The Assignment in early 2015, making it the first release for the title’s season pass.

While not much information has been revealed about The Assignment, it appears that the focus will be solely on Sebastian Castellanos’ partner Juli Kidman, whose role in the proceedings of The Evil Within wasn’t entirely clear. Although she obviously knew more about what was going on than she let on, her story was pushed to the side to make room for Ruvik’s revelations.

Voiced by the woefully under-utilized Jennifer Carpenter, hopefully The Assignment will give the actress a chance to read through some decent writing and a coherent plot. If not, there’s always a chance the second part of this DLC series, titled The Consequence, could wrap things up with a bit of flair. Given that the Keeper, the safe-headed killer who terrorized The Evil Within and created some of the game’s best moments, is involved in the second outing, chances are it will at least get some hearts pumping.

Tell us, did you enjoy The Evil Within enough to dive back in and try to make some sense of its tangled story? Let us know below and be sure to check back for more news on the title and its DLC in the upcoming months!