The Dark Souls Board Game Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live Later Today


Get your wallet ready, Dark Souls fans – Steamforged Games’ previously announced Dark Souls board game will begin its Kickstarter campaign later today, the company has announced on their website. The page is due to go live at 8pm BST/3pm EST/12pm PT, but the update doesn’t state what the monetary goal will be. Not that it matters: we’ll be extremely surprised if the project doesn’t reach the asking amount, regardless of the target.

Along with the start date, Steamforged has released several new details on what shape the board game will take. Designed for 1-4 simultaneous players, the tabletop version of the hugely-popular RPG series will be “the hardest board game you have ever played,” according to the description.

Designed from the ground up, the Dark Souls board game is a brutally hard exploration miniatures game for 1-4 players. Prepare to die. Because this will be the hardest board game you have ever played.

Featuring an exciting “fast setup, long reveal” mechanic that gets you into the game faster and builds the location as you explore. The sense of danger is palpable as you discover new locations and the monsters that inhabit these dark places. The core combat mechanic and enemy behavior system forces deep strategic play and clever management of stamina to survive.

Steamforged says that the base game will ship with several different popular enemy and boss encounters from the series, including Ornstein & Smough (pictured above) from the original.

The game will ship with numerous boss and mini-boss encounters, and as mentioned above, will utilize an innovative behavior mechanic that will mean no two encounters are ever the same, thus giving the game near infinite replayability.

For continued updates on the progress of the campaign, you can follow Steamforged on Twitter.

Source: Steamforged