The Do’s and Don’ts To Make Skyrim A Successful Sequel

Now that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been announced and dated, us fans are seriously wondering about the gameplay elements. The engines from Morrowind and Oblivion had their faults that all true fans of the franchise could easily point out to you. Overall, Bethesda Softworks has given great title after great title, and here’s what they should do/avoid to make Skyrim an instant classic like Oblivion.

First off the game’s engine, which they have already announced is new, is attempting to put fans at ease. However, the same was said during the transition from Morrowind to Oblivion. Morrowind had great RPG elements with a sub-par action system. Oblivion had great action with sub-par RPG elements. We can only hope Skyrim will bring the perfect balance.

Keep the great storyline going! The storyline from Oblivion truly made us feel as if we were immersed in an epic tale with the fate of all of Tamriel in the balance. Oblivion is honestly a tough act to follow, and with the public automatically skeptic towards sequels of great games, Bethesda will have to really think of an adventure worthy of the Elder Scrolls name.

We need uses for all the useless items we find laying around in boxes. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is sneaking into someone’s house at midnight, picking the lock on their chest, only to find a pair of tongs and some calipers. Even just raising how much they’re worth would be doing us a big favor, as they’re just there for no logical reason. As a side note, I’d be happy even if I could just throw plates at people.

More assorted weapons and magic. The weapon selection is fairly good already, however, we wouldn’t mind seeing some spears, halberds, and crossbows. I know a lot of you are saying, “What? There was tons of magic in Oblivion!”. Now I beseech you to think, were there tons of spells, or several versions of the same few spells? I know, I just blew your mind.

Side quests may very well be better than the main storyline. We all loved joining and rising through the ranks in guilds, and dungeon crawling. In fact, my significant other didn’t know there was a main storyline for quite some time. If Skyrim is going to live up to it predecessor, I’ll expect no different. It would be understandable if the Dark Brotherhood didn’t return, however, there is no excuse to remove the others.

Although this isn’t really going to make or break the game, a cool catch phrase near the beginning of the game! Anyone who truly enjoyed Oblivion could tell you what Uriel Septim told you to do before his demise, “Close shut the Jaws of Oblivion”.

All in all, I can’t see Skyrim being a miss. Bethesda is a company that really learns from their past mistakes and have some of the most successful sequels in video game history. As long as they continue to learn and adapt, they’ll continue to be the unstoppable force their company is of late. Building upon Morrowind and Oblivion can ONLY make a monster of a game…as long as they pay attention.

Happy New Years!

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  1. Michaelsays:

    I will be crushed if there aint Dark Brotherhood in next game – just personal preference! GD article mate.

    1. Cameron Walkersays:

      I agree, the Dark Brotherhood was by far the best of the guilds.Who knows if they expand beyond Tamriel, since thats where the Night Mother is, but I would assume they do!

    2. Vincesays:

      Yeah one of my favorite quests in Oblivion was for the DB. The one where you had to kill all the people at the “house party” without them finding out you’re the killer. It’s so good to be evil haha

      1. Anderson30says:

        Great mission! I think they will bring the black hand back. Maybe not the brotherhood tho

  2. Kyran R Pennysays:

    did anyone notice that there wasnt any like massive fights or huge army because the daedric army in the great gate was matching your armys size and as well there wasnt any shouting and we all like heroic shouting in any video game

  3. Anderson30says:

    Ohk, ive played Oblivion for a long time! and i kno just about everything to the game, but do you think they will have us creat a whole new person to play the game or do you think they will make it so your old created player from Oblivion starts out in Skyrim? Because I have some great stuff for my Oblivion guy and I really dont want to lose it all…

    1. Cameron Walkersays:

      Knowing Bethesda, I can almost guarantee you’ll have to create a new character. I honestly doubt they would let you keep your old equipment, that would take some of the fun out of the game in my opinion. Also, you never know, having a Oblivion save on your 360/PS3(was it released on PS3?)/hard drive may give you a special item.

  4. Zeromike509says:

    I’d love bethesda to use the same leveling system from the fallout. I wouldn’t mind seeing them use companions either. “There will be dragons”, do you really want to go mono e mono with them? on a side note, ya! do SOMTHING with all the forks, calipers, plates, random pieces of cloth. also, Theres daggers… lets see some stabbing!

    1. Cameron Walkersays:

      I hadn’t even thought of that, I totally agree. Using a similar system to fall out may work out, I don’t think perks should be added though, then it just feels like a cheap rip-off. You’re perfectly right, I don’t think charging a dragon by myself throwing little balls of ice is going to effect the dragon too much, companions would be great!

  5. Reymassays:

    Sucessful? Surely you mean Successful. I’m pretty sure a misspelled headline is a ‘don’t’.

    On-topic: I think the main story was on eof the weakest points of Oblivion. it was indeed epic but also very cliche, whereas Morrowind was far more interesting, varied and not so black-and-white in that department.

    I hope that things in Skyrim are not so cut-and-dry as they were in Oblivion and there’s more intrigue and faction-pulling, as well as multiple endings that have their origins early on in the story.

    Other than that, /agree.

    1. Mattsays:

      sorry about that, we edit every post before they go up but we are human and sometimes mistakes slip by, thanks for pointing it out

    2. Cameron Walkersays:

      Grammar Nazis come out and plaaaayaaaaay. Just kidding, anyway, thanks for the correction I need to tighten up my editing.

  6. Scottsays:

    What? No Dark Brotherhood? WTF! I didn’t really like the main quest because I didn’t enjoy repetitive oblivion worlds, but that was easily the coolest of all the side campaigns (notice not side quests, side CAMPAIGNS, there should be many more of these in Skyrim, with good and bad versoins of each faction ie. good and bad assassination campaigns, good and bad fighters guild etc.)

  7. N8dabombsays:

    I think skyrim could do 10 new things. 1- factions, play for different factions so tht the gameplay will be different on your second or even third character 2- customizable weaponry, in oblivion all the top archers had the same green glass bow with the same exact look, I want customization!!! 3- followers/friends, the followers tht one gained in oblivion were no help at all and useless as it gets ex: adoring fan ( need I say more?) 4- better looking characters, I have looked through my copy of gameinformer and it looks like they have accomplished this 5- difference in housing, very similar to customizable weapons I want to customize the look of my house, we all love our place to store our loot, but we all have the same house in skingrad or bruma 6- more unique weapons, there were a few unique weapons in oblivion, but I want more, especially more unique weapon types 7-more dialogue options, when talking to a npc I want more various dialogue options, in oblivion many times you only got one or two options for what to say 8- better combat, ( self explanatory) 9- actual treasure troves, when thieving or cave diving in oblivion the most loot ever found in one spot never equaled over 5000 gold, in skyrim I want to break into a house and walk away with over 50000 gold coins 10- more adventure in the ocean, although I think this one is impossible I would love to actually be able to put out to sea in a pirate ship and do quests in the ocean, like I said impossible but cool.

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