The Elder Scrolls Online Launches April 4th On PC/Mac, June On PS4/X1

After nearly seven years in development, Bethesda Softworks announced today that the long-awaited Elder Scrolls MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online, will launch worldwide for the PC and Mac on April 4, 2014. Console gamers will have a bit longer to wait, as the studio also revealed that the title is currently scheduled to land on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in June 2014.

There is still no word from Bethesda on exactly how they will structure the pricing for The Elder Scrolls Online, however, we do know from past statements that it will have some form of a subscription based payment model and “fun” microtransactions (their words, not ours). We are also still waiting to hear any definitive word on if the Xbox One version will require users to have Xbox Live Gold — although, to be honest, it is hard to imagine that there is a significant number of Xbox One owners who have not handed Microsoft the extra scratch for a Gold account.

As part of the launch date announcement, Bethesda also released a new gameplay trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online today, highlighting player vs player combat. Check out the trailer in the video embedded above to get a quick glimpse at how frantic battles will look while you beat the crap out of your in-game buddies.