The Evil Within Gameplay Proves Survival Horror Is Alive


the evil within zwei mikami

Shinji Mikami is planting new seeds in the horror genre with his terrifying new project, The Evil Within, and this year’s E3 has lifted the lid on what fans can expect from the frightening new vision of terror.

The Evil Within will thrust you into a grotesque world that is brought to life by using the powerful idTech 5 engine. Tango Softworks’ decision to utilize idTech allows for a powerful level of flexibility while providing beautiful graphical fidelity. This will help immerse players into the deepest levels of Mikami’s powerfully twisted vision for his return to survival horror.

In order to make The Evil Within feel like a true survival horror title the team is emphasizing elements of stealth, puzzle solving, and even dynamic creatures that react differently during every playthrough. This means that when you die at a checkpoint the creatures you faced before will move and react differently. Limited resources will force players to outwit the intelligent creatures plaguing the halls of your mysterious prison.

Pete Hines, from Bethesda Softworks, revealed a crucial motivation of the team developing The Evil Within during an E3 2013 gameplay demo. From what it sounds like, it is the exact thought process that’s needed to make us love the survival horror genre again.

“We want you to be constantly off balance, terrified, but feel like you can use your wits to get through this scenario…We don’t feel like you have to be killing something for it to be tense and fun.”

You can check out the full gameplay demo and interview below.

What do you think of The Evil Within? Will it be the return to survival horror that we’ve been waiting for? Be sure to leave us your thoughts on Shinji Mikami’s return to his roots in the comments.

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