The Feast Now Heading To Final Fantasy XIV With Latest Patch


Despite originally being teased as part of Final Fantasy XIV‘s 3.2 patch, PVP mode ‘The Feast’ is now arriving as part of the latest patch: 3.21. There had been suggestion that players would instead have to wait for the 3.3 update to get involved in this mode, but thankfully that has proved not to be the case.

In The Feast, a player’s primary objective is to steal their opponent’s medals in teams of four or eight. The Feast dramatically shifts the playing field with the introduction of a variety of boosts from supply boxes, as well as detrimental effects where players can receive additional damage based on how many medals they hold and how much time has elapsed without a KO.

Players of the Feast will also be able to participate in a ranked PvP system, introduced for the first time in Final Fantasy XIV with Patch 3.21 . The initial update will mark the beginning of the pre-season period, where you can get acquainted with the ranking system, before Season One officially commences in Patch 3.25. Top competitors will be granted seasonal rewards and player ranks will be updated daily.

Look out for more information on Final Fantasy XIV‘s regular updates as the news comes to us.