The Flame In The Flood Brings Hunting & Gathering Tips In New Trailer


With just a week to go before The Flame in the Flood releases through Steam and for Xbox One, its developers have put together a handy new video full of useful survival tips. The Molasses Flood debuted their hunting and gathering tips trailer earlier today, and players will likely be wise to take advice from it before diving into the game next week.

The video details some of the different types of traps that you’ll be able to craft in The Flame in the Flood, and gives pointers as to how best to use them. Simple snare traps can be used to kill small prey like rabbits, whereas a more complex box trap can capture the animal without actually finishing it off.

This latter option becomes incredibly useful when the likes of a starving wolf appears and you find yourself needing to direct its attention away from your own supple, inviting flesh. Of course, that rabbit lure could be even more useful still if you’re able to bait the wolf into an even larger trap, thus removing the danger completely.

You can see the trailer above, and check out our hands-on preview of The Flame in the Flood right here before the game releases on February 24th.

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