The Flame In The Flood Launches With A Jaunty New Trailer


The Flame in the Flood is now available for PC, Mac and Xbox One, and its launch has been accompanied by one final gameplay trailer. Packed with plenty of action and scored by a jaunty musical number, this latest trailer attempts to win over anyone yet to fall in love with the charm of the game.

The Flame in the Flood is essentially a survival title at its core, but in truth there seems to be plenty more to it than just scrambling around. With procedurally generated environments popping up throughout its backwater setting, there’re plenty of brand new challenges just waiting to appear.

These locations are also well-inhabited; quirky characters appear to break the monotony of the lonely journey and provide help or activity, while the varied wildlife scarper across the landscape at all times. It’s the latter that you’ll really want to look out for; a well-prepared wanderer will take advantage of this mobile food source, but a careless one may just find that they end up being the hunted rather than the hunter.

The Flame in the Flood is available across all of its platforms now, and you can check out the latest trailer at the top of this page.

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