Survival Horror Simulation The Forest Gets New Screenshots


Endnight Games has released a brand new batch of screens that shed light on the terrifying world that awaits you in their upcoming title The Forest.

This fresh glimpse at the game doesn’t quite deliver a vast array of information, but it certainly conveys the point that The Forest is shaping up nicely. With a unique take on the survival horror genre at its core, players can no doubt expect an exciting and terrifying experience.

After your passenger jet crashes in a mysterious forest, you will desperately struggle to survive among a society of cannibalistic mutants. What catches my interest the most is that these mutants aren’t simply an enemy for the sake of having them. They aren’t lifeless bodies awaiting your death dealing hand to connect. These enemies have their own beliefs, families, and morals that depict them as a functioning society rather than mere savages. With that in mind, I can’t help but wonder if the game has the potential to take on a higher concept than merely existing as a survival simulation.

Will you be okay murdering someone as you watch their family member mourn over their body? Check out the fresh batch of images below and decide for yourself if this might be a possibility. Sure, it’s kill or be killed, but how far will the game push you?

The Forest is currently scheduled to launch its Alpha version early this year for PC and Oculus Rift.

Source: The Forest

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