The Fullbright Company Cans Gone Home Console Version

Gone Home

The Fullbright Company, the studio behind beloved indie darling Gone Home, has announced that the console versions of the award-winning title are no longer in development.

News comes by way of Dualshockers, who questioned the status of the long-gestating port to the company’s Steve Gaynor. Originally, Majesco’s publishing arm Midnight City was to take the reins of the release, with a launch pegged for the fall of last year. However, Gaynor admitted that the team’s relationship with the publisher has come to an end and, as a result, “Gone Home for console is not actively in development any longer.”

The report notes that The Fullbright Company hasn’t ruled out the possibility of bringing the adventure title to consoles further down the line, but for the time being, the studio has placed all its resources on the upcoming space-set project, Tacamo. Furthermore, it’s unclear whether Majesco’s financial woes played a part in the two companies parting way, but ultimately, we wouldn’t hold our breath for Gone Home to make an appearance on consoles anytime soon.

As for Tacamo, Fullbright first premiered its sophomore indie during Decembers The Game Awards show. Retaining the first-person perspective of its spiritual predecessor, this new venture will place players into the shoes of a female technician aboard a space station, which bears some semblance to BioShock in terms of aesthetic.

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