The Knights Of Skyforge Feature In A New Trailer


A new class trailer for Skyforge introduces its Knights as the class for players who love to find themselves in the thick of the action. On the strength of this new trailer, it’s pretty easy to see why that is. The Knight is a subsidiary of Skyforge‘s tank classes and feature some mightily impressive abilities.

Skyforge’s Knights are tireless defenders that never waiver under even the most devastating of strikes. Swearing their allegiance to Aelion’s permanent well-being, these Knights raised their shields high and made a solemn vow that not a single soul in their command would be lost again.

The trailer demonstrates the ranged and melee threats posed by the Knight’s spear, as he is able to cause massive earthquake damage or strike deadly blows from afar. The shield can be used to defend both he and his allies from enemy damage, and he can call for aid from his faithful falcon.

Check out the new Knight class trailer from Skyforge above and if you haven’t already done so, download the game for free at