The Last Of Us PAX Demo Shows A Different Path Through Pittsburgh

Naughty Dog showed off some new gameplay footage of The Last of Us this past weekend at PAX Prime 2012. Fortunately, for those who didn’t make the expo, the entire demo – which is almost 16 glorious minutes long – was posted online today.

This new gameplay footage is actually from the same E3 demo that Sony showed back in June. Meaning, you will once again be watching Joel and Ellie make their way through a dilapidated hotel in Pittsburgh. However, this time we are seeing the demo that was shown behind closed doors at E3, and it plays out completely differently.

In this new demo Joel and Ellie make several different decisions, have different conversations, and in general the gameplay is much more focused on using stealth to avoid fights when possible.

We have embedded the original The Last of Us E3 demo below the new PAX Prime 2012 footage, so that you can easily compare the two. After viewing the two side-by-side, it’s pretty clear that Naughty Dog was not joking when they said that the game will be far less linear than their previous series.

The Last of Us is exclusive to the PlayStation 3, and is scheduled to launch early 2013.

Source: PlayStation Blog