The Most Explosive Paragon Trailer To Date Introduces New Character: GRIM.exe


Epic Games have revealed their latest – and most explosive – trailer for Paragon and, as usual, have put the spotlight on another of the game’s playable characters. GRIM.exe is the star of the show here, and the ranger Hero looks tremendous fun if the new gameplay footage is anything to go by.

GRIM.exe is introduced as a sentry combat robot designed for the protection of his new owner: you. Equipped with a renewable energy source and tethered coil control system, this war machine is recommended for use only by trained users and responsible owners.

This seems a bit of a problem for the in-game owner, however; the floating, goblin-like wielder seems puzzled by the narrator’s assertions that responsibility will be required, but that certainly doesn’t spoil the explosive action.

GRIM.exe is literally a killing machine. Whether using a gigantic rifle to blast through waves of enemies or tracking them down with massive, homing explosions, GRIM.exe is not someone you’ll want to mess with on the battlefield.