The Motherland Calls In World Of Tank’s Newest Event Starting May 31


Console players of Wargaming’s ever-popular World Of Tanks are being treated to a new, “massive in-game event” due to start next week, May 31, the developer has announced. The Motherland Calls will run from the aforementioned date until June 19 and will offer a rather generous helping of event-exclusive rewards, including medals, a Premium Tier VIII Russian tank and other console-exclusive rewards.

Wargaming’s Project Lead TJ Wagner provides more details on Sony’s PlayStation blog.

Starting May 31, Wargaming is kicking off a massive in-game event – The Motherland Calls. This event will continue throughout June 19, offering special chain-op events and rewards that will lead to the brand new Soviet hero tank, the Motherland Premium Tier VIII Medium – based on the T-54 First Prototype and customized with killer “Crimson Dawn” camo, exclusive to console players.

A second series of chain ops – “Motherland Unleashed” – will offer you additional chances to earn in-game gold and extra bonuses by completing the Motherland Unleashed Operation once the tank has been earned or purchased from the store.

Along with the special Crimson Dawn skin T-54, two other tanks – the ISU-122S and IS-2 – will be available to purchase for the first time on console, and two new maps – Ghost Town and Mountain Pass Summer – will be introduced to the standard rotation to spice things up.

You can head over to the official World Of Tanks site for the full details by clicking here.

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