The OmniBus: Bus Driver Edition Comes With An Actual Bus


In what could be the most insane ultimate edition content ever, Buddy Cops’ upcoming OmniBus: Bus Driver Edition will include an actual MCI bus. There will be just one of these versions of the game available for purchase, and it will reportedly set you back $7,500 if you want to take the offer up.

That’s not the only interesting choice of game package that the developers have unveiled, however, as an admittedly presumptive Game of the Year edition is also available for $9.99 and contains the soundtrack.

At present, your three OmniBus options are:

OmniBus: Game of the Year Edition – The OmniBus game and original soundtrack together as a confidently presumptive Game of the Year Edition at a standard edition price of $9.99.

OmniBus: Bus Driver Edition – The ultimate collector’s edition for the world’s biggest OmniBus fan includes an actual MCI bus that may or may not have been used to motion capture lifelike bus movement for the game. One available for $7,500, pick-up only, serious inquiries only.

OmniBus: Free Edition – Download exquisitely designed OmniBus papercraft templates, print them out on ultra premium cardstock, and fold them to create your own OmniBus game right in your living room!

The game puts you in control of the titular bus that’s completely unable to stop or slow down. You must complete missions at the behest of citizens as its speed increases to unsafe levels and without landing on its head or sides. Drivers will choose from the bizarre mission mode, a trick mode or the versus multiplayer mode for up to four players to achieve goals, set high scores and receive total enlightenment.

OmniBus will launch for PC, Mac and Linux on May 26. At present, the edition that contains the real bus is still available…just in case you were interested.