The Pokémon Company Releases Photo Booth App To Turn Us Into Trainers


pokemon 20th anniversary logo

The App Store has helped The Pokémon Company give a 20th anniversary gift to aspiring masters today, with the release of Pokémon Photo Booth. The app is also heading to Android phones via the Google Play store “soon,” according to the company’s official site.

The app lets you edit photos with classic scenes from the original GameBoy games, meaning you can have your contacts popping up like brand new battle challenges each time they call you. Just picture it: “Grandma wants to battle!” or “A wild Aunt Susan appeared.” Those pesky family phone calls would never have been more entertaining.

While on the face of it the app sounds like a great spot of fun, there is a large chance that a few – let’s say – less savoury Pokémon fans may use the app to produce some equally unsavoury Pokémon content. But hey, who would abuse such a harmless app for crass fun?!

Pokémon‘s 20th anniversary is just a few days away, and now you can download the app and immortalize your Pokémon memories with all your friends and family.

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