The Raven – Legacy Of A Master Thief Puts Out Its Second Chapter


Remember The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief? I certainly do – I reviewed its first chapter about a month ago, and though I found it very ambitious and uncommonly likable, it didn’t quite do the job for me. It did end strongly, however, and I came away feeling optimistic about the next installment. Well, point-and-click fans, Chapter 2 is upon us, and its called Ancestry of Lies.

According to publisher Nordic Games, Chapter 2 backtracks a bit and lets the player experience the exceptional heist that spurred the events of Chapter 1 firsthand. You play from a different perspective, so I guess that means I won’t be controlling Mr. Anton Jakob Zellner the whole time. He was friendly enough… but I can’t say I’m terribly disappointed.

Moving on to some feel-good news, it sounds like Chapter 1 has been so-far well received, according to Martin Kreuch at Nordic.

It’s been incredibly fun to work alongside the guys at KING Art on The Raven and the reception of  the game has been fantastic. One of our objectives with this game was to keep players guessing, right up until the very end of chapter 3, and from the community feedback we’ve received we’re on track with that.

Regardless of how I felt about that chapter, I always like seeing a hardworking developer succeed, so it’s good that Nordic’s partnership with KING Art is paying off. Clearly the good fortune is contagious, as creative director Jan Theysen sounds about ready to burst with excitement.

In the second chapter of the game we’ve crammed it full lots of twists and turns that will keep players guessing. This part of the story is a real gem; even though we want to progress with the genre, we also wanted to keep the classic elements that players already love. We’ve struck a fine balance between focusing on speeding up the gameplay and creating a deep and interesting story which charms players, but also broadens our audience.

That’s exactly what I want! Here’s hoping Chapter 2 of The Raven – Legacy Of A Master Thief will rub me a bit better than its forerunner did. Keep your eyes peeled for our review soon, and in the meantime check out our thoughts on Chapter 1 if you haven’t already. I’m secretly hoping Zellner retires from cop-dome and becomes a crime novelist himself, though sadly I don’t really see it happening.