The Reload Teaser Video Released By Sony


Sony released an extremely short teaser video on their Youtube channel this morning titled The Reload.

The new video opens up with the check-in counter girl from the “Michael” Long Live Play ad cleaning a submachine gun. An off-camera figure walks in and as he/she approaches the counter the power suddenly shuts down and the lights flicker out. At that point electricity can be heard and there is a brief flash of blue light. The video then cuts to the date 10/23/12.

The electric nature of the video seems to suggest that it has something to do with the inFAMOUS franchise. If that is correct, hopefully “The Reload” is in reference to a new game in the series and not some kind of port onto the Vita.

Let us know what your best guess is in the comments, and we will report whatever Sony reveals The Reload to be next Tuesday.

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  1. ChrisTechGamersays:

    Would it be such a bad thing to have a Vita version of inFamous? I personally don’t think it would do any harm to the franchise, and the Vita is a machine more than capable of providing the power needed to give another inFamous adventure.

    1. New inFamous game, sure. I was referring to a port of either 1 or 2.

      The last thing the Vita needs is for Sony to sell ports of two games that they have given away for free at some point on the PS3.

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