Rumored BioShock: The Collection Remaster Won’t Be Coming Any Time Soon, If At All



Remember all of those retailer listings and ratings board classifications suggesting that Take-Two Interactive were on the cusp of announcing a compilation of all the BioShock games under the title of BioShock: The Collection? Yeah, well despite the pretty convincing evidence suggesting that such a compendium was on the cards, it seems that there aren’t any plans for such a thing any time soon.

In the publisher’s latest year-end earning’s call (via VideoGamer), CEO and chairman Strauss Zelnick stated that, while Take-Two isn’t against releasing remakes or remasters of past games in their library, doing so would have to be for reasons other than just to generate revenue.

Certainly, we wouldn’t rule it out, it will be largely an economic decision. We Wouldn’t do anything that’s not going to look great creatively. You know that we’re a company that is not driven first and foremost by can we create revenue this way. We will be start by saying, will this be exciting to consumers, will they be happy with it, will it reflect well on our brands, will it reflect well on our company. And if the answer is yes, then it may well be a compelling opportunity. But if the answer is indifferent or no, then even if we have an opportunity to make few bucks, we probably would decline.

That doesn’t rule out an eventual remastered release of all the past BioShock games, but such a thing almost certainly won’t be released until after April 2017 – the start of the company’s next financial year. Take-Two says that all five titles they’re planning to release within the current year have already been announced.

Besides Battleborn (which is already available), the other four titles due to release over the rest of the year are Mafia 3, Civilization VI, NBA 2K17 and WWE 2K17.

Disappointed? We certainly are.