The Solus Project Enters Steam Early Access Today


The Solus Project – the epic, narrative-driven survival adventure from Grip Digital and Teotl Studios – is now available to check out through Steam Early Access. The arrival is accompanied by an early access release trailer, which you can take a look at right above.

The Solus Project is said to be a narrative-driven experience with survival elements, and it’s a mix that certainly rings true in the latest trailer. With players finding themselves on a mysterious planet, initially thought to be uninhabited, there’s definitely a very creepy and cautious air about things here.

Speaking of the game ahead of the Early Access launch, Grip Digital’s Jakub Mikyska explained a little more of the challenge that players will face when they get into the game:

The Solus Project is a unique experience. Combining survival and exploration with a more linear narrative-driven storytelling. The environment itself is going to be the biggest enemy and the mysteries are going to be the biggest motivation for the players to continue their journey.

As well as its release through Steam Early Access, The Solus Project is also heading to Xbox One Game Preview on February 26th.

Source: Grip Digital

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