The Status Of Our Far Cry: Primal Review



It’s six o’clock (Eastern Standard Time) on the morning of February 22, 2016, which means that Far Cry: Primal‘s review embargo has ended. As such, you’ve maybe noticed that some outlets’ scores and their explanatory words have started to hit the Internet. Our opinion piece has not, though, and I wanted to let you know why.

While We Got This Covered was able to obtain an early review copy of the game, and a lot of hours have been sunk into it, we don’t feel like it’s right to publish a review at this time. Reason being is that, although we always strive to post our thoughts as soon as embargoes end, the sheer size of this game has made beating it a lengthy process. That said, we’re not far off, and are planning to give Ubisoft’s stone age epic a score within the next twenty-four hours.

Instead of publishing a half-assed review, we wanted to be fair to you — our readers — and take an extra day to fully complete and entirely experience what Far Cry: Primal has to offer. Fifteen weekend hours have yet to be enough, after we received the game at the tail end of last week.

So, please stay tuned for our thoughts of Far Cry: Primal, and know that this short delay will allow for a much more thorough and complete review.

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