The Story Is Never The Same In The Detroit: Become Human E3 Trailer


Quantic Dream’s unique brand of cinematic gaming returned at Sony’s E3 showing tonight with Detroit: Become Human. Originally announced during Paris Games Week 2015, the cinematic thriller is currently without a firm release date.

We previously learned that the story of Detroit: Become Human would center around human-like androids living in a futuristic society. With this new trailer, we now know how exactly these cybernetic individuals can live in a world they don’t fully belong in.

A tense hostage situation is going down here, with a rogue android holding a human child hostage. The negotiator sent in, who also happens to be an android, can tackle the situation in several ways, and the difference between who lives and who dies is in the hands of the player.

The team at Quantic Dream appear to have another unique story on their hands with Detroit: Become Human, and after getting a brief tease with this video, we’re certainly intrigued to see more of it at E3 this week.