The Unfinished Swan PAX Trailer Sets Up An Intriguing Story


Sony released a trailer at PAX this weekend for Giant Sparrow’s PSN title The Unfinished Swan, revealing the intro to the game’s mysterious story.

According to the trailer, The Unfinished Swan has players take the role of a young boy who ends up in an orphanage after his mother dies. Before her death, the boy’s mother was an artist who painted many pictures but left them all unfinished. The boy inherits her favorite painting, a swan, but one day finds that the swan in the picture is missing. He then finds himself in a completely white environment and must splatter paint to reveal the world around him.

A release date has not been announced for The Unfinished Swan, but the developer’s website still lists it as launching sometime in 2012.

We will let you know as soon as Sony announces the game’s release date, in the meantime check out the PAX trailer embedded below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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