The Unfinished Swan Will Grace PlayStation 4 And Vita Next Week

the unfinished swan

Next week, Sony will invite PlayStation 4 and Vita users to a mystical realm of imagination, as Giant Sparrow’s minimalist platformer The Unfinished Swan is set to grace both systems.

The re-release has been priced at $14.99 ($9.99) and will support cross-buy upon launch on October 28th, meaning that those who already own the game on PlayStation 3 will be entitled to download the serene and thought-provoking title free of charge.

Essentially, The Unfinished Swan is a straight port to PlayStation 4 that supports native 1080p; although, it doesn’t come packing any supplementary content. For a game of this stature, that’s to be expected. Giant Sparrow’s atypical title isn’t one for added content and unnecessary DLC; rather, the studio’s maiden project takes you on an adventure that is brimming with style and personality.

Dropping you into a crystal-white kingdom — imagine a sprawling blank canvas, quite literally — The Unfinished Swan has you play as a young, adventurous child as you follow after the titular bird into another world. Gameplay is creative, too, with players being forced to throw jet-black paintballs all around them to reveal every nook and cranny in the environment.

Up until now, the critically-acclaimed title has been exclusive to PlayStation 3, where it debuted two years ago. It was one of many indie titles to bring into the mainstream spectrum in 2012, with the likes of Journey, F.T.L and Hotline Miami all drawing attention from the four corners of the gaming industry.

The Unfinished Swan will spread its wings and swoop onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on October 28th, 2014. In the meantime, you can let us know whether you’ll be picking up Giant Sparrow’s beloved title in the comments.