The Walking Dead: Episode 5 – No Time Left Launches Next Week

Telltale Games has announced that the fifth and final episode of The Walking Dead adventure game, No Time Left, will be released next week across all platforms.

The Walking Dead: Episode 5 will launch first on the North American PlayStation Network on November 20th, followed by a November 21st release on; the Xbox Live Marketplace, the European PlayStation Network, PC, Mac, and iOS devices (from within the Walking Dead: The Game app). The launch of the season finale next week will then be followed up with a retail release for all five episodes on December 4th.

Telltale has already confirmed that they are planning to develop another season of The Walking Dead, however, the studio has not announced a release window or revealed any details on the next set of episodes. With the first season now wrapped up, you can expect to start hearing talk of that project soon.

We will have a review of The Walking Dead: Episode 5 – No Time Left up next week, and you can check out our reviews of Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, and Episode 4 to see what we have thought of Telltale’s undead adventure game so far.

Source: Telltale

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