The Witness Could Be On Its Way To Xbox One After All


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The Witness creator Jonathan Blow has just given the clearest indication yet that the massively-successful indie title could release on Xbox One at some point in the future. The vague reassurance comes from Blow’s own comments on The Witness blog, where he confirmed last night that his team will start the process of porting the game to other platforms in the near future.

The Xbox One isn’t the only device under consideration though. “Under serious consideration are: iOS, Android, Xbox One, OS X. We will provide more-concrete information about these as it becomes available!” Blow said, which is an apparent U-turn on comments he made prior to the game’s release, where he stated that he had “no plans” for an Xbox One version of the puzzle game.

Well, the prospect of a release outside of PlayStation 4 and PC is looking more hopeful, at least, but we may still be waiting a while for the plans to come to fruition: Blow says his main focus right now is on fixing performance issues for the PC version.

Right now we are dealing mostly with PC graphics driver problems, and we are also working on adding some features to the game about configurable controls and rendering options, for PC and PS4.

Despite having only been out for just over a week, The Witness has already surpassed the current sales of Blow’s previous game – Braid – in that time frame than the latter managed over an entire year.

We’re not surprised – The Witness is fantastic game, and you can read our review here to find out why.

Source: VideoGamer

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