The Wolf Among Us Snags Retail Date As Telltale Releases Game Of Thrones Teaser

Telltale's GoT

Telltale Games has pulled the ol’ one-two punch today by simultaneously dating The Wolf Among Us’ retail release and issuing a tease for its future episodic series, Game of Thrones.

First up, the studio’s fantastical noir franchise — based on Bill Willingham’s eponymous comic book series — will become available physically and digitally for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Vita on November 4th in North America, while those in Europe will be forced to wait until November 7th.

Fans of The Wolf Among Us will be able to pick up the physical release for PS3 and Xbox 360, where it was previously only available as a digital purchase on those particular platforms.

Switching gears now to Game of Thrones, Telltale has issued a second teaser image for the studio’s upcoming take on George R.R. Martin’s seminal fantasy series. On this occasion, the cryptic image quotes a well-known passage from the first book in the author’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

“…A wood of stubborn sentinel trees armored in grey-green needles, of mighty oaks, of ironwoods as old as the realm itself.”

Released via the company’s official Twitter page, it seems as though Telltale is referencing the Forrester clan, a house from the northern region of the land that has connections with the Starks and Baratheons. What makes the upcoming episodic series so interesting is that it is to run concurrently with the television show, meaning that Telltale is likely to focus on a host of the lesser known characters within Martin’s most epic of universes.

The Wolf Among Us will prowl onto retail shelves on November 4th and November 7th in North America and Europe, respectively. Given that Telltale is also bringing Tales From The Borderlands to life, it’s unlikely we’ll see Game of Thrones until late 2015 at the earliest.

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