Theatrhythm Final Fantasy’s August DLC Detailed

I must say, I’m impressed with what Square Enix has done with the DLC for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy lately. I’ve gotten every song so far, and they’ve got plenty they’re planning on adding going into August as well, backed up by one of my personal favorites.

Bringing 20 more tracks this month, each still for a buck a piece, there are no more teases for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but there are a lot of high energy battle songs here.

The full list and schedule is as follows:

August 2, 2012
1. “Movement in Green” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “March of the Dreadnoughts” (FINAL FANTASY XIII)
3. “Gustaberg” (FINAL FANTASY XI)
4. “The Crystal Tower” (FINAL FANTASY III)

August 9, 2012
1. “Battle Theme” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “The Dalmasca Estersand” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “The Darkness of Eternity” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
4. “This is the Last Battle” (FINAL FANTASY III)

August 16, 2012
1. “Challenge” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “Desperate Fight” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “Battle 2” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
4. “The Final Battle” (FINAL FANTASY V)

August 23, 2012
1. “Otherworld” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “The Royal City of Rabanastre / Town Ward Upper Stratum” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “The Final Battle” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
4. “Battle 1” (FINAL FANTASY V)
August 30, 2012
1. “Final Battle” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “Boss Battle” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “Dark City Treno” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
4. “The Decisive Battle” (FINAL FANTASY V)

Otherworld is a favorite of mine. Not just because I was convinced that the song was featuring Motorhead’s vocalist, but because it’s a lot of fun to try to figure out what “CRUM. DUM. IIIIIIFYU WANIT. ANROTHERRUN AWRAITS YOU.” means.